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Unveiling A Fresh New Look For Chichester Cinema

06 Jun 2024

See the World Through a Different Lens

Over the coming months, you might notice a few brand changes on our website, in our printed programmes and in our emails … here’s the background.

Since 1979, our cinema has been a haven for film enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of carefully curated content and enriching educational opportunities for both children and adults. 

As we continue to evolve, we are excited to unveil our new brand identity, designed to reflect our commitment to providing the very best in UK and Overseas cinema, whilst remaining fiercely independent and firmly grounded in the cultural community of Chichester that we proudly support and serve.  

How did it happen?

Last year, Sussex-based communications and marketing agency PMW were celebrating their 30th birthday … to make it even more special, they wanted to offer up their skills and expertise (for FREE) to deliver 30 projects: an initiative they called Do30

A brand refresh had been on our wishlist for a while since relaunching the website a few years ago, but brand strategy and design can be a costly business, so it had remained on the back burner. Debbie, Chair of our Board of Trustees, submitted an application … and we were selected!

The process

It all started with a “getting to know us” session with Rich Newman, their Brand Strategist.  He asked about a million questions to unpack and unpick and get to the nub of why we exist — reflecting on our founder, Roger Gibson’s vision.  This led us to a brand and content strategy and ultimately a brief for their design studio. 

A Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Our new branding, inspired by the golden age of cinema, seamlessly merges classic elegance with modern sophistication. The “lens” icon, created from the initials “CC” for Chichester Cinema, symbolises our fresh perspective and our dedication to bringing the best of global cinema to our community.

Graham Walker, PMW’s Digital Director picked up the reins for the design element and suffice to say, we feel they’ve captured our cinema, what matters to us (our audience and community) and where we are heading, perfectly. 

You could say, everything just slotted together.

A quick note to say that the PMW team were outstanding.  They really listened and their attention to detail and the communication was very thorough and professional throughout; we never felt like a “free project”. I’m sure we’ll work together with them again in the future and they’ve recently been recognised as one of The Sunday Times Best Places to Workmuch deserved, a great all-round team. 

But why just “Chichester Cinema”?

Identity and confidence often go hand in hand … over the years we’ve been known as many things including “the film club”, “the cinema”, “New Park cinema”, etc. 

We wanted to be bold enough to strip it back to who we are CHICHESTER CINEMA … we weren’t the first cinema in town, but we intend to be here the longest and to always seek out opportunities to do more to bring the magic of cinema to everyone who wants it.  

If you are curious, here’s a brief history of cinema in Chichester – over 125 years!

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is clear: to elevate the brand experience and perception of our cinema and broaden the interest, while continuing to serve our already loyal audience. 

We are still working hard to overcome post-pandemic challenges and continue to look for opportunities to grow our revenue through increased occupancy, memberships, and by expanding our third-party sponsorships/partnerships, and of course your generous support and donations.

Cinema for All

Chichester Cinema is and will always be for the discerning film and art lover: broad backgrounds and ages and differing tastes. Whether it’s the latest independent film, a timeless classic, a live-streamed exhibition, show or concert or an engaging documentary, or our summer Film Festival we will continue to offer a wide range of cinematic experiences for everyone. 

A Community Hub

Unlike typical chain cinemas, we are very much a community space where like-minded individuals can come together to discover, watch, learn, and socialise. Our commitment to film as an art form means we curate a programme that goes beyond mainstream box office hits, providing our audience with ‘the best of the rest’.

Continuous Learning

Our audience has a thirst for knowledge and a discerning taste. We value learning and strive to provide opportunities that enrich and enlighten through our diverse programming. From insightful Film Education programmes for Children and Adults —using the undeniable power of film, we ensure there is always something new to discover and learn.

Beyond Film

Our programming extends beyond just film. We host special live theatre performances, opera, and art exhibitions from around the world, bringing a world of culture to Chichester. This diverse offering ensures that there is always something unique and engaging for our audience —whoever you are. 

So what next?

Let us know what you think, come and see a movie, and see the world through a different lens

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our story. We have many more years of cinematic joy ahead of us.