Film Education at New Park

Focus on Film

Chichester Cinema at New Park is committed to providing a unique
Film Education experience to the local adult and school community.

We aim to provide film courses, guest speakers, Q&A sessions after certain films
and tailor made educational experiences for both primary and secondary school children.
We hope that our cinema will be a place where film in its many forms can be explored.

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Education Team

Our Education Team is led by Rosemary Coxon
a former Head of English and a secondary schools English adviser,
assisted by Patrick Hargood, himself a former teacher,
and a small dedicated team of volunteers.

We bring in experienced film lecturers with relevant specialist knowledge,
and we also use the resources available in our vast number of Cinema Friends.

Please email Rosemary
for more details.


We offer tailor made education programmes at Chichester Cinema at New Park to all schools free of charge as part of our Education Programme. We use the auditorium for larger groups and the studio for the smaller groups. Our staff are trained teachers and educationalists.

We have worked with Bishop Luffa Secondary School’s History, RE, Drama and Media departments to deliver tailor made sessions on a variety of subjects to groups of pupils from year 7 to Sixth Form students.

The last event for older pupils was a ‘study day’ on the Holocaust. Justin Barnett, Head of History at Bishop Luffa commented, “This day deepened the student’s understanding of the Holocaust through well selected film clips, presentations, Q and A sessions and discussion. This opportunity to learn outside the classroom is invaluable”.

We can also offer a Holocaust session suitable for junior and younger secondary school pupils with carefully selected age appropriate clips. Both Oakwood School and Southbourne Junior School are attending these sessions in early March 2019.

On a lighter note, we work closely with the Chichester Festival Theatre’s Education Department when we link up with Richard Knowles, CFT’S Education Manager, to present two handed shows linking plays being performed at the CFT with film clips and discussions on costume, acting and staging.

We always work together on the Youth Theatre Christmas productions including 2018’s production of the ‘Sleeping Beauty’. We also combined with Richard last year on CFT’s production of David Walliam’s ‘The Midnight Gang’. These sessions were attended by Chichester Free School and Southbourne Junior School.

Holly Sabin, a teacher at the Free School, commented, “These sessions were thoroughly enjoyable and enriching, generously offered free of charge”.

If you would like to discuss what we can offer to your school please contact:
Rosemary Coxon
Education Officer
Chichester Cinema at New Park