Festival Audience Awards

This year, we awarded four Audience Awards which were voted for by the viewers of the film, from a 1 Star to 5 Star rating.
Each film below has 7 numbers next to its name.
They are the Total Votes; followed by the number of votes for each Star; and finally the total Percentage Score.

Premieres/Previews & New Releases:

Children Act

1: The Children Act (UK)

2: C’est La Vie (Belgium/Canada/France)

3: The Guardians (France/Switzerland)

Restored Classic Film:

West Side Story

1: West Side Story (USA)

2: On the Waterfront (USA)

3: Wild Strawberries (Sweden)


Leonard Bernstein Conducting West Side Story

1: Leonard Bernstein Conducting West Side Story (West Germany)

2: Postcards from the 48% (UK)

3: Elvis: '68 Comeback Special (USA)


Steel Country

1: Steel Country (UK)

2: The Exodus (Italy)

3: Waiting for You (UK/France)