Festival Screening Locations


The Chichester International Film Festival
will use 5 screening locations in 2017.


Our Main Auditorium at New Park has a capacity of 115 reserved seats, and will operate from the 9th to the 26th August.

The Studio, also at New Park, is situated opposite the Box Office, and has a capacity of 40 (unreserved) seats.

For the fifth year, we are lucky enough to have the Roundhill Picture Palace at the Festival. It has been beautifully decorated and has a 60 inch HD Screen. It will be located outside the New Park entrance, and has 13 unreserved seats.

The Open Air Screenings will take place at Chichester's Priory Park. We will present GREASE on the 3rd August, INCREDIBLES 2 on the 4th August, and GREATEST SHOWMAN on the 5th August. Remember to take your picnic blanket/chairs.

Finally, St John's Chapel (St John's St Chichester - off East Street), will be the venue of our very special Silent Film with Live Piano Accompaniment by Ben Hall. This year, it is VAMPYR on the 24th August at 21:15.