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Anyone who comes to our cinema feels the Gibson tour de film force.


Roger’s terrier-like tenacity to fight the Chichester Cinema at New Park corner is evident by the film choices over the past forty years. Now in tandem now with Walter Francisco, the general manager, film-goers see the evidence when browsing one of the six yearly programmes and any of the 27 film festival brochures.

Over the decades Roger has sought out quality and diversity, his go-to whether dealing with distributors, producers, filmmakers and guest talent at home and abroad. His prodigious memory will catch you out should you venture a misplaced date or title!

Even after years of giving, of gifting Chichester and area the best in world cinema and related events, Roger’s perseverance – and for the cinema to remain independent – remains undimmed. We salute you, and may the force be with you!

Carol Godsmark is the New Park Cinema PR and Marketing Manager

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