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‘As well as the cinema we have another 65 regular hirers.’ Alison MacDonald-Hughes, Centre Development Manager, New Park Centre.


My first ever visit to New Park was to the Cinema to see "Dalai Lama Renaissance," and meeting the Director, Khashyar Darvich in 2007. Little did I know then that I would return years later to join the Charity who manage the premises and facilities. I am thrilled that one of our oldest Hirers are so successful and celebrating their Ruby Anniversary this year, Over the last 45 years, New Park Community & Arts Association has worked hard to build a vibrant community venue able to respond to local people’s needs.

As well as the Cinema, we have another 65 regular hirers - last year we had 4,405 bookings, of which 363 bookings were by the Cinema to use the Auditorium. All the organisations and individuals that meet here offer such a wide range of social, cultural, recreational and welfare activities – so the Cinema’s presence at The Centre is a wonderful fit.

It means a great deal that so many groups and clubs stay with us over time and I hope that the Cinema has a bright future ahead!

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