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But only Ten Years A Volunteer …! Mike Jennings is one happy vol.


Huge community assets such as New Park couldn’t survive without their volunteers, (and the same is true for other thriving local cultural institutions like Pallant House and the WEA and U3A and Chichester Jazz Club, to name just a few). Volunteers support the full-and part-time staff in the day to day running and friendly welcome that characterises the cinema-going experience for our customers and friends at New Park. But what does a volunteer do..?

Well, I have been a volunteer at the cinema for over ten years and give you picture of what is involved and what the benefits are to volunteer. Henry Beltran, our Front of House Manager, will induct you into the role, what’s involved, giving you a written description of the role too, and planning with you your first date ‘on duty’, paired with an experienced volunteer. You arrive half an hour before the time of the film you have chosen to steward, let the Box Office know you have arrived, meet the other volunteer, sign in and check everything is ready and problem-free: the numbers coming to the screening; if there are ads and trailers; end time of the film; if the Auditorium is tidy; if the film notes and torch are there. You’re now ready to advise customers when you take their tickets or check their online booking. And don’t forget to smile and ensure that coming to New Park is a pleasure for everyone. Your friendly and experienced volunteer partner will see you through your first go.

And the benefits? You join the audience and see the film when everyone is seated and the lights go down. What a great privilege!

You can also help with proof reading the new draft programme. Once printed, join other volunteers to stuffing the seasons’ programme into the 1000+ envelopes that go out to the Friends. For these good deeds you get a free cinema ticket. You also become part of a most valuable and passionate cinema team, meeting and become friends with a wide range of very interesting other volunteers.

If you’re interested, contact Henry in the Box Office, and join me and others in enriching your own and our customers knowledge and love of world cinema, classic films and award winners, from ‘12 Years A Slave’ to ‘The Favourite’ to ‘Jean de Florette’ to ‘Rome Open City.’ As Walter says in each new programme: ‘See you at the Cinema !’

Mike Jennings

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