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To paraphrase the saying - It takes a Village to raise a Child - It takes a Community to create a Magazine to celebrate the cinema’s 40th anniversary.


My thanks go to those who contributed freely and enthusiastically to these pages, their involvement much appreciated.

Roger Gibson, Jo Gibson, Mark Bradshaw, Henry Beltran, Walter Francisco, Sue Gilson, Jane Weeks, Ellen Cheshire, Pat Bowman, Rod Fennell, Glyn Edmunds, Bob Connell, Tricia Sloane, John Coldstream, David Brown, Debbie Ford, Roger Harrison, Kathy Sykes, Maggie Gray, Robert Wade, Michael Coveney, Peter Greenwood, Nick Smedley, Ian Haydn Smith, David Sin, Michael Holley, Derek Malcolm, Joseph Gilson, Don Boyd, Simon Martin, Kevin Ashman, Janie Foote, Alison MacDonald-Hughes, Andrew Vance, Victoria Jones, Brian Baker, Mike Jennings and Richard Cupidi. My thanks go also to Katie Moody, designer, The Graphic Design House, and to Walter Francisco for his sterling guidance, skills and work on Ruby Magazine.

Thank you too to our advertisers who made this publication possible.

Carol Godsmark - Editor

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