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Over the last 40 years, Chichester Cinema at New Park has developed from a Film Society screening 40 films per year to students once a week, to the record attendance of over 76,000 in 2018 (1,517 screenings of 480 films). Clear proof that Chichester and its surrounds has a very healthy population of film lovers.


The audience, not to mention the quantity and variety of films, built up at a healthy rate up to 2002 where over 68,000 people saw a film at New Park. With the introduction of the local multiplex came a slight decline, where an annual average of 55,000 patrons attended from 2004 to 2010. Since then, audience numbers have risen consistently to our record year in 2018, mirrored by attendances at the annual Chichester International Film Festival, this year in its 28th edition.

It is quite apt that a 40th Anniversary is celebrated with the Ruby gemstone. With its properties of passion, durability, lustre, and rarity, this queen of stones and stone of kings can be seen as the equivalent to our unique Chichester cinema. One that was born out of a fiery passion for this exciting art that we love; has survived (and thrived) 40 years of changing cinematic and social times; prides itself in screening the best in cinema from the UK and abroad; and is one of the few truly independent cinemas in the country… Long may it reign!

Walter Francisco - General Manager of Chichester Cinema at New Park

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