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18 Sep 2023

Chichester Cinema’s Education team is on the lookout for new volunteers!


Chichester Cinema at New Park is an independent cinema and registered charity. Our mission is to broaden the appeal and appreciation of independent cinema, by programming and delivering the widest range of film and talks in a welcoming and inclusive way, bringing the community together, encouraging debate and helping audiences to see the world through different eyes. The team runs a very successful programme of talks for adults and for local students.   These talks usually last around 90 minutes and take place on Saturday mornings for adults and on weekday mornings for students.

This year we have presented 14 talks for adults, with an average attendance of over 40, covering topics from Ealing Film Studios to the films of Wes Anderson. We regularly bring in outside speakers, but over half of these talks were led by volunteer members of the Education team.  We have also had over 600 students attend talks this year from primary school up to 6th form.


We seek volunteers to lead events and deliver talks, with the following:-

  • A good knowledge of and an enthusiasm for cinema, past and present
  • A willingness to undertake research for specific talks to build on the above
  • An ability to put together a PowerPoint or a Keynote presentation, or the willingness to learn how to do this
  • A positive attitude towards technology
  • Confident public speaking skills


To emphasise – we are not looking for more helpers. We need people who are ready to stand up in front of adults and students and talk about cinema in an interesting and engaging way.

We do not have technical support staff for these events so we need people who are not only ready to put together a professional looking presentation, but who are also ready to learn how to set up the equipment on the day.  Once familiar with the equipment at the cinema, successful candidates would also be expected to help out when we have outside speakers and to attend education events led by other team members.  Clearly this would suit perfectly a former teacher, particularly one with experience in a related field, such as film studies or media studies.  However, such experience is by no means essential. One of our most valued current members is a former journalist with no previous experience of teaching. The team is warm, welcoming and supportive.  Everyone finds the experience a very rewarding one, all sharing a love of film and forming new friendships!


Interested parties should contact the education officer, Patrick Hargood, at: