20th Century Women

20th Century Women

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A coming of age comedy-drama about three women who explore love and freedom in late 1970s Southern California.

It’s 1979, and everything is in flux. Ayatollah Khomeini assumes power in Iran; Margaret Thatcher becomes the British Prime Minister; and, in Santa Barbara, Dorothea Fields (Annette Bening) invites a squad of firemen to a party… as her son Jamie points out, only she would do such a thing.

Dorothea’s one overriding concern is: Will Jamie become a good man? She’s tried to give him a father figure by renting a room to a sweet, directionless handy-stud (Billy Crudup), but the males aren’t bonding. So, Dorothea asks two female friends to help guide the boy to adulthood.

At various points you might find yourself itching to get out of your seat and dance along with the people onscreen as they cut loose to songs from the distant past or from their rapidly spinning present. A film with insightful writing and a note-perfect ensemble anchored by a never-better Annette Bening.