A Paris Education Mes Provinciales

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Etienne comes to Paris to study filmmaking at the Sorbonne. He meets Mathias and Jean-Noël who share his passion for films. But as they spend the year studying, they have to face friendship and love challenges as well as choosing their artistic battles.

Dark-eyed, floppy-haired Etienne (Andranic Manet) travels from his working-class home in Lyon to study cinema at the Université Paris 8, located in Seine-Saint-Denis. He quickly falls in with two classmates: the cheerful and rather helpful Jean-Noel (Gonzague Van Bervesseles) and the cocky, seductive Mathias (Corentin Fila), who talks about movies like he is the next Jean-Luc Godard but has yet to put his words into action.

Shot in widescreen black and white, with many scenes devoted to extended discussions about movies, books and the desperation of existence, ‘A Paris Education’ is the perfect film for both cinephiles and Francophiles. (Subtitles)