A Tribute to Lewis Gilbert Film Director Extraordinaire

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Lewis Gilbert, who died recently, was a master craftsman who could direct War films, Bond epics and working-class films with consistent quality and outstanding technical skills.

He started his career in wartime film units making such movies as ‘Carve Her Name with Pride’, ‘Sink the Bismarck’ and ‘Reach for the Sky’. He then took the helm in three successful Bond Movies and created what is known as the “working class trilogy” of ‘Educating Rita’, ‘Alfie’ and ‘Shirley Valentine’, with Alfie and Shirley perfecting the acting technique of speaking directly to the camera.

‘Shirley Valentine’ is the forerunner of the Golden Years films like ‘Marigold Hotel’ but with a definite edge, and one of his last films ‘Stepping Out’ with Lisa Minnelli has the same gutsy ‘never –say–die’ ethos. The Guardian film critic, Peter Bradshaw describes Lewis Gilbert as “a powerhouse of invention and movie showmanship”.

We invite you to join us in celebrating his life and achievements. This talk will be led by Rosemary Coxon, the Cinema’s Education Officer.

Tickets £6 (Friends/Students £5)

Fri 29 Jun 13:30 (Studio)

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