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Vincent Lacoste leads Mikhaël Hers’s poignant new feature about trauma and its aftershocks in this magnificent melodrama.

At first, David (Lacoste) is just beginning to figure out life in his early twenties, helping his sister (Ophélia Kolb) raise her 7-year-old daughter, Amanda (Isaure Multrier), and gently initiating a romance with a pianist (Stacy Martin, ‘Nymphomaniac’).

This era of placidity is brutally ruptured, and a grief-stricken David must assume new responsibility for Amanda as a potential guardian. With an understated directorial touch, Hers creates a touching story of resilience deepened by delicately nuanced performances. Cast : Vincent Lacoste, Isaure Multrier, Stacy Martin, Ophélia Kolbr. “A magnificient melodrama, and a devastating performance from Vincent Lacoste.” – Télérama. (Subtitles)

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