Another Fine Mess! The films of Laurel and Hardy Mike Jennings Talk

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After previous sessions in the Education programme’s major season of Classic Comedy (Preston Sturges, Ernst Lubitsch, Buster Keaton, The Marx Bros, Jacques Tati), the final session in the series this year looks at the greatest comedy double act in film history, one which has influenced countless other comedians in Britain and America in later years, both in cinema and television, such as Morecambe and Wise.

Not only did they become world famous, but they were regarded with enormous affection in every country in which their films were distributed, including many countries whose first language was not English. This lasting affection, the reasons for which we will discuss, was felt in a way not achieved by Chaplin, Harold Lloyd or others who began in Hollywood’s Silent Cinema days, and has continued to the present, as evidenced over again in the very successful ‘Stan and Ollie’ film we have just shown at New Park.

Each appearing separately in minor supporting roles in Hollywood in the period after the First World War, they first came together as a double act in the mid-Twenties, and from then on, the wonderful chemistry between them produced a string of hit shorts and features over the next twenty years, largely made at the Hal Roach Studios, including The Music Box, Busy Bodies, Sons of the Desert and Way Out West – and so many more…

This two-hour session will look at their individual careers, lives and contributions, with lots of illustrative clips, and will be led by Mike Jennings, Lead Trustee for Education.

The Comedy Classics series will be starting again next year, as laughter, and the appreciation of those who so brilliantly provide it, is a must in all our lives!

Tickets £6.50

Fri 17 May 18:30 (Studio)

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