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Set in the bleak aftermath and devastation of World War I, a recently demobbed soldier, Timosh, returns to his hometown Kiev, in Dovzhenko’s great soviet masterpiece.

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Soldiers return to Ukraine to find their homeland teeming with strife and dissension, gripped in a conflict between nationalist forces and communists. One faction of soldiers, led by Timosh (Semyon Svashenko) supports the communists and takes command of a munitions factory at Kiev, converting the weapons arsenal into a fortress.

Still reeling from the trauma of war, Timosh and his comrades engage in a violent crusade that soon spreads across Ukraine. The second half pivots on the collision of Ukrainian nationalism and Soviet power with the Reds and the Whites, the Kiev strike, massacres and executions, religious processions with serpentine banners and mighty, bushy moustaches in extreme close-up! Dovzhenko's progressive approach to editing – he was one of the pioneers of Soviet Montage - camerawork and narrative construction mark him out as an enduringly distinctive voice whose films retain their importance to this day. Silent film with recorded music by Igor Belza. (Intertitles)