Bicycle Thieves Ladri di biciclette

Bicycle Thieves

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One of cinema’s simplest stories told with melancholy tenderness – a man’s bicycle is stolen and his job and life depend on reclaiming it

Non-professional actors, amazing location shooting in post-war Rome and populated with working-class characters. If this is your introduction to Italian Neorealism, you couldn’t begin in a better place. Antonio is offered a job pasting bills but the role requires a bicycle. His wife pawns some possessions and Antonio has his bike which is promptly stolen. Antonio embarks on a quest to reclaim it accompanied by Bruno his young son.

De Sica carefully balances a generally tragic sensibility with a quiet undercurrent of hope, all the while sucking us into the story with the sheer urgency of the search for the stolen bicycle. Watch it again or see it for the first time, you are watching one of the all-time greats. (Subtitles)