Brigsby Bear

Brigsby Bear

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

A unique US indie that recalls both Yorgos Lanthimos’ ‘Dogtooth’ (2009) and Lenny Abrahamson ‘Room’ (2015), but with a lot more humour thrown in.

James (Kyle Mooney) has been kept in an underground shelter completely isolated from the rest of the world. He has never known anything else, so is reasonably happy - particularly because he received weekly instalments of TV show ‘Brigsby Bear’.

When police rescue him, he discovers that his ‘parents’ (Mark Hamill and Jane Adams) had actually been his captors, and that ‘Brigsby Bear’ was a fake TV show created by his faux father. With James' life changed forever, he sets out to finish the story himself and must learn to cope with the realities of a new world that he knows nothing about.

A charming tribute to nostalgia, individuality and the power of imagination.