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Britain on Film: Rural life

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

The second programme from ‘Britain on Film’ (after ‘Railways’ in our Winter Season) is an evocative exploration of the UK countryside, taking in the diverse and beautiful landscapes of all our home nations.

‘Rural Life’ takes audiences down the country lanes of the past, meandering through the dwindling customs of another era. Relive the work of the local blacksmith preparing shoes for the horses that will plough the fields, and the shepherd’s trials as he protects his flock from an encroaching storm. Be swept up in the homemade entertainment and giggles of children at the country fair and the joyful freedoms of the dance in the village hall.

These films evoke and encourage not only nostalgia, but also broader and more meaningful reflections on the nature of rural life and village communities in the UK today.