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A look at the life and career of Sir Matt Busby, one of the greatest, most influential managers in world football history.

From Sir Matt’s humble beginnings in a small Scottish mining village, to twice rebuilding a football club first ravaged by war and then by the tragedy of the Munich Air Disaster, this is the definitive story of the founding father of modern Manchester United, a sporting pioneer whose legacy can be traced right up to the treble winning Manchester United side of 1999, and beyond.

Known for his championing of young players, Busby developed football legends including George Best and Bobby Charlton, one of the original ‘Busby Babes’, transforming Manchester United from the second-best team in town into one of the world’s most successful and iconic football clubs. His story is told here by the same people who brought us ‘Class of 92’ and ‘I am Bolt’.
UK 2019 Joe Pearlman