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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

Following on from last year’s successful visit, this new show features the Keaton classic ‘Steamboat Bill Jr’ and an additional presentation ‘The Life of Buster Keaton’ which is accompanied by the quartet.

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This epic Buster Keaton silent movie from 1928 was the last feature length film he ever made (wrote, directed and starred in) with complete artist freedom and marks the end of his golden era.

It features the hapless young Buster trying to win the approval of his long lost father, the rough and tough steamboat captain Steamboat Bill Sr, who loses his business and liberty. A violent storm and hurricane are the back drop for Buster’s daring deeds of rescue and provide the opportunity for some of Keaton’s most famous stunts, including in the last truly astonishing minutes 15 minutes: a storm sequence in which a whole town is blown apart, with Buster experiencing a series of amazing escapes as buildings fall down around his ears a house falling on him which he only survives due to an open window. Knowing it is his last roll of the dice, Keaton throws everything in to this movie, including building an entire town only to destroy it, as well as several death defying stunts. Following on from the success of his first ‘Buster plays Buster’ show, Buster Birch has created a brand new jazz score for this movie with a set of completely different jazz standards which again have been specifically arranged and scored to perfectly fit each scene. His first class quartet, featuring some of London's finest jazz musicians, play with superb skill and are given plenty of opportunity to show off their highly accomplished improvisational abilities.
USA 1928 Buster Keaton 70m

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The first half of the concert will feature ‘The Life of Buster Keaton’, a unique presentation created by Buster Birch telling the amazing story of Keaton’s life and 67 year career, which straddled all three major forms of entertainment in the 20th century; vaudeville, movies and television. This is also accompanied by the quartet playing a specifically arranged score of jazz standards including ‘The Jitterbug Waltz’, ‘Hello Young Lovers’, ‘When You're Smiling’, ‘Can't Help Loving That Man’ and ‘Sing Sing Sing’ (Louis Prima).
50m followed by 30m interval

Tickets £12.50

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