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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

Alan Bennett’s hilarious social satire.

This hilarious play is more than just a send-up of the Whitehall farces which abounded in the West End during the 1970s, and is a tribute to the many rich strands of British comedy-writing at the time.

Like a saucy Magill postcard as retouched by Magritte, or an end-of-the pier romp reorganised by Joe Orton, it describes how a collection of stock types from the “plush silk-stockinged district of Brighton’s Hove” find themselves propelled into the Permissive Society, as observed through the ironic eye of Alan Bennett.

29,30,31 March & 1 April at 19:30
and Saturday Matinee at 14:30
at the New Park Centre Auditorium

Tickets £10 U-18s £6