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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

The New Park Cinema team wishes you continued good health during these unprecedented times. With the Cinema being closed for the time being, we would like to offer you some suggestions to pass your time with the arts.

The arts world has risen to the challenge of keeping you entertained and informed during this enforced stay at home to enjoy films but also theatre, opera, ballet, music and art exhibition events which you can find in a myriad of online places.

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Below are some of these options:


Click to go to the ROH ... Click to go to NT Live

Click to go to the Met ... Click to go to the Vienna Opera

You can see a full list of online Operas HERE


Click to go to The British Museum ... Click to go to The Louvre

Click to go to the Vatican Museum ... Click to go to XXX


Click to go to iPlayer ... Click to go to Kermode

Click to go to Netflix ... Click to go to Amazon Prime

Click to go to BFI player

... and of course....
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