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This enduring classic of French cinema from the grandmother of the new wave stars Corinne Marchand as the eponymous heroine, a singer who whiles away a couple of hours in the cafés, shops and streets of Paris awaiting the results of medical tests.

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The premise is deceptively simple – Cleo (Marchand) is a young, reasonably successful chanteuse living a seemingly gilded lifestyle in the Paris of the early Sixties. But on the day in question she’s waiting for the results of a medical examination and is afraid she may be diagnosed with cancer. In a striking opening sequence, she visits a back-street fortune teller for a Tarot reading – and the omens aren’t good. From then on, the film unfolds more or less in real time, taking us through the streets of Paris as a beautiful summer’s evening begins. Featuring a memorable score by Oscar-nominated composer Michel Legrand, the film paints a beguiling and stylish portrait of the French capital at the height of the sixties. (Subtitles)

We hope to welcome a visiting speaker to introduce this film and the work of Agnès Varda.

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