Daphne Du Maurier: The Cinema Director’s Dream Writer

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Du Maurier’s novels are famous for the ease with which they transfer to the silver screen - stories of passion, tension and alarmingly candid psychological takes on her characters, both male and female, trapped in unhealthily obsessive relationships make stunning films.

Her writing was noted as being so strongly cinematic that Hitchcock made three films based on her work – ‘Jamaica Inn’, ‘The Birds’ and ‘Rebecca’ -while ‘Don’t Look Now’, the classic horror film directed by Nicholas Roeg , was based on her story.

The novel, ‘My Cousin Rachel’, has recently been made into a film starring Rachel Weisz and the play is part of the Winter programme at Chichester Festival Theatre.

We are delighted once again to join with Chichester Festival Theatre (CFT) in a three-part tribute to Daphne, which includes:
- This Studio talk on Daphne’s novels into screen on Friday 24th January-13:30-15:30;
- A backstage tour of the CFT set of ‘My Cousin Rachel’ on 1st February;
- Followed by a screening in the auditorium of Du Maurier’s best known work ‘Rebecca’ (1940), starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine.
You can book Rebecca here.

The talk will be led by Rosemary Coxon (Education Officer - Chichester Cinema at New Park).

Tickets £6.50 (Du Maurier Studio Talk)
or £9 ('Rebecca' Only)
or £11 (CFT Tour + 'Rebecca')
or £15 (Du Maurier Talk + 'Rebecca' + CFT Tour)