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The world’s greatest footballer suffers a crisis of confidence in this colourful fantasy satire.

Mixing and bending genres throughout, the film follows the handsome Diamantino Matamouros (Carloto Cotta), Portugal’s best footballer, as he embarks on a mission to regain his glory after an embarrassing defeat at the World Cup finals.

Manipulated by his wicked twin sisters (Anabela Moreira and Margarida Moreira), who seek to profit from their talented but not so bright brother, Diamantino’s narrow worldview is blown wide open, forcing him to encounter – among other things – refugees, cloning, nationalism and body modification.

Part political satire, part fantasy, part who-knows-what, ‘Diamantino’ is exactly the type of surreal concoction that begs to be discovered by unsuspecting audiences. (Subtitles)