DIRTY DANCING (Open Air) 30th Anniversary Screening


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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

30 years on, we’re still having the time of our lives. Let’s get dressed up in our best 1960’s outfits, to celebrate this 30th anniversary remaster of the 80’s classic. Singing and dancing along to the spectacular 1960’s soundtrack is not only allowed, but fully encouraged! Let’s make this one the most memorable Saturday night of 2017! ... and yes - It is 30 Years since you first saw this film.

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‘Dirty Dancing’ represents a lot of what made eighties cinema so great. There’s the obsession with the sixties, Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, a brilliant soundtrack, and of course a story about the guy from the wrong side of the tracks and the upper class girl above him in certain respects.

In the summer of 1963, the innocent Baby (Jennifer Grey) vacations with her parents at a holiday resort. One evening she is drawn to the staff quarters by stirring music, where she meets Johnny (Patrick Swayze), the hotel dance instructor, who is as experienced as Baby is naive. Baby soon becomes Johnny's pupil in dance and love. Following some trials and tribulations, Johnny returns to put his holiday love centre stage ("nobody puts Baby in a corner") in the iconic final dance sequence. There is no suggestion of a happy ever after; the point is that they have shown each other and us how to live. We defy you not to cry and cheer at the same time.

From 19:45 we will have Dawn Gracie putting on her 50’s & 60’s inspired performance to get us all in the mood.

Advance Tickets £8 (£10 on the day if available)
Sat 5 Aug 20:55 (approx) at Priory Park

Following on from last year’s Sold Out Priory Park screenings, we bring you a brand new Pixar animation on Friday 4th August, followed by an 80’s classic on the Saturday. Bring the family on the Friday – but book early if last year’s screening is anything to go by… and on the Saturday, let’s get in the spirit by dressing up in our most rock’n’roll 60’s outfits, so we can have ‘the time of our lives’.

Musical Entertainment from 19:45 - Gates open 19:30
Films start at Dusk (app. 20:55) Bring a Picnic Blanket or Chair, and a Picnic Basket filled with your favourite goodies.
Fenwick's Cafe will be open for Drinks & Snacks