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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

UK Premiere: Germany
An obsessive introverted modeller’s love affair is at the core of this unusual psychological thriller, that is a unique blend of real drama and fantastic elements.

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Georg Letterer (Udo Schenk) is an introvert modeller, who builds detail-obsessed prototypes. He receives an order from a famous Hollywood actress, Dolores Moor (Franziska Petri), to make a model of her extravagant villa. This is the opportunity for Georg to escape from suburban dreariness and the perfidious psychological terror of his brother. He tirelessly works on the detailed model and simultaneously falls for the unattainable Dolores. One day Georg discovers an unusual power: he is able to influence the physical reality of the villa through the prototype he is building. With his own interests in mind, Georg becomes a calculating puppeteer who holds the threads of life of everyone around him, just to win Dolores for himself. Udo Schenk is superbly chilling as the calculating puppeteer. (Subtitles)

We are delighted to welcome from Cologne, director Michael Rosel to introduce the UK Premiere followed by a Q&A after the screening (at 18:30 performance)

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