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Driving Mum

Á Ferð Með Mömmu

Hilmar Oddsson | 2023 | 112 MINS
Iceland | Subtitles
In this Nordic black comedy, the death of a man’s mother leads him on an Icelandic road trip to fulfil her last wish. A bizarre trip that will be the gamechanger he never dreamt of.

In Detail

When Jon's (Thröstur Leó Gunnarsson) domineering and possessive mother (Kristbjörg Kjeld) passes away, he sets out on a journey across Iceland to honour her last wish, to be buried in her hometown. Along with his beloved and loyal (scene-stealing) dog, they meet some unique locals along the way, making personal discoveries, questioning his entire life and having existential conversations with his deceased mother.

There’s a heightened sense of the absurd in Odsson’s ‘Driving Mum’, which takes us on a beautiful Icelandic odyssey in crisply shot monochrome, perfectly accompanied by a wonderful score. If you liked ‘Fallen Leaves’ (Kaurismäki) earlier this year, then you will love this.

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