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St. John's Chapel:
Murnau's visually-stunning epic of love and hate, faith and temptation, good and evil with special organ accompaniment by Ben Hall (Head of Music – University of Chichester).

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Director F.W. Murnau is best known for 'Nosferatu,' the classic vampire film (shown in St. John’s Chapel with Ben in 2013). However, his equally impressive 'Faust' is often overlooked, despite some remarkable visuals, solid acting, a truly sinister villain, and an epic tale of love, loss and evil. The story concerns Faust (Gösta Ekman), an old and disheartened alchemist who forms a pact with Satan's evil demon, Mephisto (Emil Jannings).

As God and the Devil wage a war over Earth, the two opposing powers reach a tentative agreement: the entire fate of Mankind will rest on the soul of Faust, who must redeem himself from his selfish deeds before the story is complete. With striking visuals, 'Faust' contains some truly stunning on screen imagery, most memorably the inspired shot of Mephisto towering ominously over a town, preparing to sow the seeds of the Black Death. A combination of clever optical trickery and vibrant costumes and sets makes the film an absolute delight to watch, with Murnau employing every known element – fire, wind, smoke, lightning – to help produce the film's dark tone, as well as effective use of double exposure. This expressionist masterpiece continues our tradition of screenings in the Gothic atmosphere of St. John’s Chapel with the inventive Ben Hall bringing spine tingling sounds on the organ heightening the impact of the film.

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