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Isabelle Huppert plays a terminally ill French actress who gathers her family together in picturesque Portuguese village in this summery Rohmeresque film that unravels over a single day.

Huppert is joined by Marisa Tomei, Greg Kinnear and Brendan Gleeson as her character Frankie tries to ameliorate family relations before her cancer overwhelms her. This is not a film burdened by much plot. Instead, we are invited to observe the complex familial relationships and ponder upon love and mortality.

There is a resonance here of Richard Linklater’s delightful ‘Before’ films with its characters revealing through conversation and occasionally action, who they are and how they might change. Each character’s relationship is explored without clumsy exposition and Huppert’s performance is brilliantly aloof and often witty. Small, intimate and exquisitely shot - Eric Rohmer would have approved.