Happy as Lazzaro Lazzaro Felice

Happy as Lazzaro

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This enchanting, surprising Italian fable from the gifted Italian filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher, was the winner of Best Screenplay at Cannes 2018.

Lazzaro (Adriano Tardiolo) is a naive and optimistic twenty-year-old farmer. On the other hand, Tancredi (Tommaso Ragno) is a young man with a fervid imagination. Between the two an unexpected friendship is born, one that for Lazzaro, turns out to be an important moment of growth. The first half of the film takes place on the ironically named Inviolata, a large, isolated tobacco farm owned by the wealthy Marquise de Luna (Nicoletta Braschi), before moving to a city of paved streets and modern buildings.

With an unapologetic social message, ‘Happy as Lazzaro’ dares one to imagine a reality where each individual would task themselves to be as selfless and morally whole as its main protagonist. (Subtitles)