Hearts Beat Loud

Hearts Beat Loud

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A casual, keenly observed story of a Brooklyn father and daughter charged with a kind of music as free-spirited as the duo is.

Aging Brooklyn hipster Frank (Nick Offerman) is in danger of losing his failing Brooklyn record shop; his teenage daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons) is preparing to move to California to study medicine. Frank’s boyish response to stress is to conscript Sam for one of their “jam seshes,” a father-daughter bonding ritual that he loves but that she’s grown out of.

When one of their jam session songs becomes an online hit, they adopt Sam’s protest-filled words “'We Are Not A Band, dad” as the name of their ensemble, before they eventually exchange farewells with acceptance. ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ gently charts the last days of this parent-daughter’s togetherness pre-college, as both of them learn to let life take its course.