Iris (2001)

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

We present a rare screening of the film ‘Iris’ followed by a Q&A with Dr Miles Leeson - Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Chichester, and Director of the Iris Murdoch Research Centre.

This is a heartfelt drama about the power of love in the shadow of a treacherous disease. The film is based on a pair of memoirs by Iris’s husband , John Bayley - the young Bayley played superbly by Hugh Bonneville.

Judi Dench plays the older Iris with a deep intelligence which is a joy, almost a privilege to watch, while Kate Winslet is the young Iris. When the young Iris meets Bayley at Oxford, he is naïve, and flummoxed by her libertine manner and obvious artistic talent. In later life the childless couple become each other’s children, living in amiable squalor. The devoted John struggles with the onset of Iris’s dementia and responds with hopeless devotion as she deteriorates into Alzheimer’s disease. ‘Iris’ earned a slew of nominations for awards including a win for best supporting actor for Jim Broadbent who played the older Bayley.

In conjunction with The University of Chichester and the Iris Murdoch Research Centre.