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Nathalie Pêcheux (Karen Viard), a teacher who is divorced and has a daughter who is a dancer has an unhealthy relation with friends and daughter that is consumed by jealousy.

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You only need one bad mom in this endearing French comedy. Something like ‘Mommie Dearest’ transformed into a light Parisian dramedy, the story follows the life of a recently divorced mother named Nathalie (Viard) who, as the title bluntly states, suffers from the cardinal sin of envy. Not only is Nathalie jealous of her ex-husband (Thibault de Montalembert), her best friend (Anne Dorval) and a new teacher (Anais Demoustier) at the preparatory school where she’s reigned for decades in the French department, but she’s absolutely resentful of her beautiful and nearly perfect 18-year-old daughter, Mathilde (newcomer Dara Tombroff), who’s vying to become a professional ballerina.

‘Jealousy’ goes more for the jugular in terms of the jokes. Viard is truly at her best when she’s doing some very bad things - whether it’s smoking mariajuana before a necessary trip to the therapist, driving away her daughter’s kind-hearted boyfriend (Corentin Fila) or wreaking havoc in the teachers’ lounge at school - yet she also turns Nathalie into a rather sympathetic character. 51-year-old actress Karin Viard impressively navigates through this unexpected mid-life crisis in a funny, touching... and politically incorrect way. (Subtitles)

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