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Eleven BAFTA nominations, winner of the 2020 Golden Globe for Best Film, and winner of the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, this is not your typical ‘super-hero/villain’ film – this is one to watch! Joaquin Phoenix is extraordinary in the lead role.

‘Joker’ centres around the iconic arch nemesis of Batman, Arthur Fleck, a man struggling to find his way in Gotham's fractured society. A clown-for-hire by day, he aspires to be a stand-up comic at night... but finds the joke always seems to be on him. Caught in a cyclical existence between apathy and cruelty, Arthur makes one bad decision that brings about a chain reaction of escalating events. Suddenly, the shunned outcast transforms into a symbol for Gotham’s most marginalized inhabitants, gaining new swagger.

The film also stars Robert de Niro, but it is Phoenix who simultaneously challenges the viewer, and yet, makes it impossible for us to take our eyes off him.