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Pedro Almodóvar’s new film sees a broken-hearted woman deciding to confront her life and the most important events about her stranded daughter.


With strong resonances of ‘All About My Mother’, Almodóvar’s most recent film sees him back on familiar female territory with his typical striking visual style and remarkable storytelling. Julieta (played by two actresses - Adriana Ugarte as her younger self and Emma Suárez as the older woman) has a chance meeting in the street with an old friend, who brings her up to speed with various friends and relations, not least her daughter whom it transpires she has not seen since she was 18.

The girl, Antia, disappeared while on a mountain retreat but despite Julieta’s considerable efforts to find her, remained elusive. Almodóvar proves again that he is a master of delving deep into the female psyche. His distinctive voice grows in texture and depth with each new production. A beautiful film. (Subtitles)

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