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UK Premiere: Poland
An acerbic relationship comedy from Poland, about a young married couple that draws together the sad truths about the difficulties of intimate relationships.

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Kamper’s life is an easy one. He earns his living testing computer games; he has a beautiful and talented wife Mania, who’s learning to cook from a famous chef; and he’s got a problem - Mania cheated on him. He’ll try to take revenge starting an affair with a Spanish teacher, but in this game he himself will be tested.

The film is full of paradoxes. Kamper doesn’t have an easy life – his life is actually pretty hard because of how easy it is - and the film tells us this through humour and irony. This beautifully-paced film entreats you to watch, it is often hilarious, and ultimately a heart breaking take on modern romance, modern life itself, and the loneliness new freedoms can bring.

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