Keep on Keeping on: A Tribute to Alan Bennett

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Studio Talk in Two Parts:
Fri 15 Nov 13:30 (Part 1)
Fri 6 Dec 13:30 (Part 2)

It is hard to pigeonhole Alan Bennett, and correspondingly easy to undervalue his achievements. Although one of the most recognisable writers of his generation, his unassumingly owlish persona and fondness for self-deprecation has created the impression of a lovably eccentric minor talent, whose amusingly droll plays about elderly Northern women (typically played by Thora Hird) and fusspot secretaries (Patricia Routledge) are merely one step up from sitcom. The idea that he might be the most important and innovative British television playwright initially seems laughable.

But it's hard to think of a stronger contender. His prolific output includes individual television plays, television series and cinema films, together with numerous stage works, short stories, assorted journalism and his inimitable diaries.

‘An Englishman Abroad’, ‘A Question of Attribution’ and the two ‘Talking Heads’ series (BBC, 1988/98), are regularly cited amongst British television's greatest achievements, and he is widely recognised as the master of the television monologue.

In this pair of talks we take a chronological look at the man and his work from his early plays like ‘Sunset Over the Bay’ to his outstanding film scripts – ‘The Lady in the Van’, ‘The History Boys’ and ‘The Madness of King George’ among others.

Both talks are stand-alone but we do hope you join Rosemary Coxon (Education Officer - Chichester Cinema at New Park) for both sessions in what should prove a highly emotional and amusing event

Tickets £11 for both parts

Fri 15 Nov 13:30 (Part 1) In the Studio
Fri 6 Dec 13:30 (Part 2) In the Studio