La Belle et la Bête

La Belle et la Bête

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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

As Disney's ‘Beauty and the Beast’ hits screens across the UK, revisit the film that first conjured the story's magical spell.


No, not any of the Disney versions, but Jean Cocteau's classic fantasy re-casting the well-known fairy tale for adults. When Beauty's father picks a rose at a deserted castle, a beast in Prince's clothing (Jean Marius) appears and tells him he must die. He sends the man home to say good-bye to his family, whereupon Beauty (Josette Day) offers to take her father's place.

She goes off to the castle but instead of killing her, the beast falls in love with her. Stunning cinematography replicates the lighting of the Dutch masters and the whole film is the epitome of cinematic art wherein the magic is created 'in camera'. (Subtitles/Restored Print)

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