Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

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A father and his thirteen-year-old daughter are living in an ideal existence in a vast urban park in Portland, Oregon, when a small mistake derails their lives forever.

Will (Ben Foster) and his daughter Tom (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie) have camped out in an Oregon nature reserve, apparently for years. Will makes sure that Tom is healthy, fed, and educated, but stresses a need to remain hidden from others at all times. Discovery tears them out of Eden and thrusts them into the social services system, which initiates a gradual but inexorable change in this dynamic, as Tom becomes more curious about other people and stability, while Will simply cannot change.

‘Leave No Trace’s acute sense of place and how people relate to it makes for great, emotion-laden naturalism. Audiences loved this film at the 2018 Chichester Film Festival, and it rates 100% on the leading critics’ website (Rotten Tomatoes).