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Paolo Sorrentino’s much-anticipated treatment of Silvio Berlusconi is a sharply written look at the politician and the people attracted to his power.

Naturally Berlusconi is inhabited by Sorrentino’s muse Toni Servillo, the shapeshifting star who once again transforms himself not simply with the help of prostheses and hair dye, but through his exceptional physicality.

This film aims to peer not just into Berlusconi’s monomaniacal soul, but to expose, as with Sorrentino’s ‘The Great Beauty’, the apotheosis of vulgarity and craving for attention that’s been the canny politician and media magnate’s lasting imprint on Italian society.

This kaleidoscopic consideration of the four-time prime minister and the Italy he fostered, is a subtly written, stylistically classical look at one of the most divisive European leaders in recent memory. (Subtitles)

PLEASE NOTE: This film is certificate 18, not 15, as advertised in the brochure