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Sally Hawkins delves past Maud Lewis' arthritis-stricken exterior to capture the inner spirit of the Canadian folk artist in this modest biopic.

Hawkins is at her best is this engaging and gently moving period drama, depicting the real-life story of Maud Lewis, a talented painter who refused to be hindered by her severe arthritis and went on to become one of Canada’s best-known folk artists.

Her co-star Ethan Hawke is also impressive in the initially unsympathetic role of the man who, to everyone’s surprise in their remote Nova Scotia community, hires Maud as his housekeeper, with the pair starting the most unlikely of romances. As played by Sally Hawkins, who taps into the same kind of upbeat energy she brought to her career-launching turn as Poppy in Mike Leigh’s ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’, Maud impresses not so much for her perseverance - but for her indefatigable optimism.