Mr & Mrs Adelman Monsieur & Madame Adelman

Mr & Mrs Adelman

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Funny, stylish and touching tale of courting and married life in this comic drama bursting with charm from debut director Nicolas Bedos.

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The young and intellectual Sarah falls madly for a promising young writer, Victor, son of a wealthy bourgeois family who, dissatisfied with his choice of career and girlfriend, proceed to cut them off without a penny. Narrated from the viewpoint of Sarah, the film charts this fascinating relationship across decades, with all its joyful and torturous twists and turns, taking a wry and often hilarious look at the pains and pleasure of love and marriage.

Bedos, 36, makes his first foray behind the camera. Cast Doria Tillier, Nicolas Bedos, Denis Podalydès, Antoine Gouy, Christiane Millet, Pierre Arditi, Zabou Breitman, Julien Boisselier, Jean-Pierre Lorit, Nicolas Briançon, Ronald Guttman, Solange Najman.

“Filled with energy and a certain amount of wit … Doria Tillier brings depth to the table as a woman hiding behind her man and suffering for it” - Hollywood Reporter.