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A film that portrays the struggles and triumphs of an Amish family, produced and directed by the Amish man at the centre of the story, Samuel Wickey.

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In this incredible story based on true events, a mother and father are overwhelmed with emotion when their children are severely bullied in a public school, leading to the father wanting his family to leave the Amish.

Their son was born with an enigmatic mental disorder, and they are gripped by fear and astonishment when they witness the boy has unusual artistic abilities. The mother and father are deeply concerned since their strict Amish religion, teaches that any form of artistic expression is forbidden. The boy and his siblings are raised by a mother who cannot embrace them, praise them or even say I love you. They must only pray that God heals them.

In a family deeply ingrained in a religion where parents are forbidden to express love for their children, the father breaks the chains of fear and oppression to allow hope, the expression of love, and freedom to leave the Amish. Samuel Wickey is today a renowned artist, commissioned by both the NBA and NFL to create bronze sculptures for their major awards.

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