MY JOURNEY THROUGH FRENCH CINEMA Voyage à Travers le Cinéma Français


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Preview: France
Bertrand Tavernier presents a treasure trove of a documentary and a masterful exploration of some of the directors, actors and composers who graced French cinema. Introduced by Professor Hugo Frey.

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Tavernier is a life-long fan of cinema. Through his own experience as a filmmaker and his personal connections, he takes us on a voyage through his country’s film history, focusing on both major and unheralded auteurs from the 1930s through to the 1970s, showcasing their artistry with a selection of wonderful clips.

Tavernier talks directly to the camera with infectious enthusiasm about the films, actors, directors, composers, writers and cinematographers who have meant so much to him, and who played such a significant role in French film history. From Renoir, Chabrol and Godard, through to Melville and Becker, every frame of this marvellous documentary exudes passion.

This is a very special documentary displaying Tavernier’s generous spirit, and provides a sweeping survey of the history of French film and is a must for film lovers. (Subtitles)

We welcome Professor Hugo Frey, Head of History and Politics, University of Chichester - Author of 'Nationalism and the Cinema in France' to introduce this screening.

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