Neorealism: The New Italian Renaissance Day Course

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In the aftermath of WW2, after decades of Fascist propaganda, warfare and poverty, a number of Italian filmmakers began focusing on the personal, especially the marginalised and powerless.

They used documentary techniques - location shoots, natural lighting and non-professional actors - to reproduce reality. Labelled Italian Neorealism (INR), this movement has been described as “the most precious moment of film history”, “Neorealism breaks all the rules” and “washing our dirty laundry in public”.

In Richard Cupidi’s informal workshop, we’ll develop a functional definition of INR, examine its historical context, tease out some important themes and stylistic practices, and show how these were applied cinematically with examples drawn from both iconic and lesser-known films. We’ll also touch on geopolitical factors, which affected INR’s evolution, e.g., American intervention in Italy’s 1948 elections.

Later in the day we’ll explore in depth one of INR’s most signature films: ‘Bicycle Thieves’. This will be followed by a discussion about INR’s legacy - on the French New Wave, the New Hollywood, Indian Realism, and on auteurs such as Pier Paolo Pasolini. In our post-post-modern era where notions of “the real” have been down-graded, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate this innovative period called Neorealism. Everyone welcome.

Tickets £10 (Friends/Students £9)

Sat 13 Oct 10:00 – 15:30 (Studio)

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