Never Steady, Never Still

Never Steady, Never Still

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A celebration of the quiet strength of the human spirit, dealing with issues of loss, masculinity, and love through the lives of an eighteen-year-old oil field worker, and his mother, who has for years been living with Parkinson's.

Judy (Shirley Henderson) is a woman struggling to live with Parkinson’s Disease while trying to launch her son Jamie into the world. “You’ve got to live your life,” she tells Jamie in one particularly poignant scene following a death that will leave her alone to fend for herself in her isolated northern home.

Jamie (Théodore Pellerin) has plenty of troubles of his own, among them a hard, lonely life working as a roughneck in the oil patch and trying to come to terms with his sexual identity. Henderson (‘Trainspotting’, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’) delivers a truly impressive performance as Judy, allowing us to see the strong, sensitive woman behind the disability.