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One Life

James Hawes | 2023 | 110 MINS
UK | Some Subtitles
Following two weeks of sell-out screenings in January, we give you the opportunity to see (or revisit) this moving film, with a superb lead performance by Anthony Hopkins.

★★★★ - The Times

In Detail

Nicholas Winton was a well-to-do stockbroker who, at the start of the Second World War, is so horrified by unfolding events that he heads off to Prague to do something, anything, he can to help the terrified young refugees fleeing Hitler.

Everyone thinks he is crazy – including his mother, played by Helena Bonham-Carter. But he somehow manages to organise visa and trains to get hundreds of mainly Jewish children to safety in the UK; what has since become known as the Kindertransport.

Winton was sometimes called the British Oskar Schindler, and the parallels go beyond their acts of extreme kindness: both men were completely consumed by the task they undertook and never able to focus on the people that they did save, only those that they failed to save.

The wonderful Lena Olin plays Nicholas’ wife, Johnny Flynn is great as the younger Winton, but this is unquestionably Hopkins’ film.

Click the 'One Life' image below for the clip played at our Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration.

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