Pain and Glory (2019) Dolor y Gloria

Pain and Glory (2019)

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A film director reflects on the choices he's made in life as past and present come crashing down around him. Pedro Almodóvar’s eagerly awaited film was a highlight of Cannes.

Director Salvador Malo (Antonio Banderas), a scruffy, haunted-looking guy, hasn’t shot a film in years and suffers from a laundry list of ailments. He is visited by memories from his childhood, often under the influence of one substance or another. Banderas gives a stunning performance, evoking the spirit of Almodóvar without any tendency to imitate him.

He suggests - “Without filming, my life is meaningless,” giving a nod to Almodóvar’s own lurking fears at this point in his career. With echoes of Fellini’s ‘8 ½,’ here the tone is both bitter and sweet, and in contrast to the more flamboyant ethos of the early films, this one is executed with simplicity and a restrained rigour. Not to be missed! (Subtitles)